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Business Franchise for sale in Reno NV

Washoe County NV


 Do you want to start your own business, with little risk and big rewards?  We are selling an exciting franchise business in the Reno NV area that is built to make you successful with little risk. This business is for less than a new car but most likely will make more than your current job or business. 


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Starting a new business can be lots of work and very risky. It can take many years to even build a good client base, all while bringing home little money.


We want to take the stress and risk out of starting and running your own business. We want to put more money back in your pocket.  Sprinkler Master Reno is a fully functioning business that has been around for years in the Reno NV area. The Area has thousands of customers, with over 2500 phone calls coming in every year. 


Sprinkler Master Franchise has an effective proven system business model of running an effective profitable business that we want to share with you. This is a turn-of-the-key business ready to go!  We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your franchise then you get your money back!! 


Contact us ASAP before this deal is gone to learn more about this amazing deal for not only an existing business but a proven system to help you have a successful business guaranteed! , Contact us now before this unit is gone. 


Is it cheaper to start your own business?   With low franchise royalties of only 9%, you will be most likely still paying less than just paying for marketing by yourself for the Reno NV area.  

Also, to purchase a business that has an existing customer base of this size you would be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are less than 20k to buy this existing franchise area. The cost to buy Sprinkler Master Reno NV is $19,000 with a 9% Royalty fee. 


 Because we operate on a bigger scale this brings our cost down, allowing for a lower franchise fee. Which is less than it would take to start your own company. Our goal is to help you be successful. Also, because of our brand awareness, you can charge more and get better employees.  Also, working with us you still get the benefits of having your own business without a lot of the stress of doing it by yourself.  


Contact us ASAP (385) 240-1105 before this deal is gone and we can tell you more about our proven business model that works! 

 Our goal is to make you have a successful business with less risk and more rewards. We want you to be part of this winning team. Contact us Now! 


We guarantee if you are not satisfied with your Franchise we will refund your full franchise fee. 


Buy a business for less than a new car but make more than your current job or business. 


This area covers all Washoe County NV


This Business is for sale 

(385) 240-1105

Franchise Services business for sale




This area covers all Washoe County NV

Reno NV,

Sparks NV,

North Valley NV,

Sun Valley NV,

Lawton NV,

Vista NV,

Grand View Terrace NV,

Martin NV,

Wedekind Rd, Reno NV,

Golden Valley NV,

Hidden Valley NV,

Mayberry-Highland Park NV,

North Valleys NV,

Panther Valley NV,

Raleigh Heights NV,

Andersons, Reno NV,

Huffaker, Reno NV,

Verdi-Mogul NV,

West Reno NV,


No Experience Necessary!

Never fixed a sprinkler system? No problem! We offer training that covers everything from sprinkler repair to running a business.


Our efficient model means you can spend less time working and more time with your family

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    With Sprinkler Master's low overhead and high return, you're left with more money in your pocket.  Sprinkler Master also has a lower startup cost than most franchises meaning a quicker return on investment.

    Included Branding

    Sprinkler Master does the hard work for you.  We take care of the branding, and marketing leaving you more time for what matters most.  Franchises come with customized websites and area marketing.

    Proven Methods

    Pre-written business model to help you succeed!

    Find Out More!